AlmaWin Almawin Dishwasher (Kitchen Detergent) 500ml 100% Detergent AlmaWin

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AlmaWin Dishwasher 500ml
Product name AlmaWin Dishwasher 500ml
Usage Kitchen Detergent Natural Ingredients Organic Eco Products
Internal capacity 500ml Concentrated Type Tableware/Cooking Utensil Neutral
Country of origin
All ingredients Surfactant 16.9% (lauryl polyglucose (oligosaccharide surfactant), sodium lauryl sulfate)
Denatured alcohol, salt (= sodium chloride), benzyl alcohol, hydrolyzed wheat protein (= wheat protein),
Glycerin, lactic acid, fragrance (lemongrass essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil*), water
how to use
 A few drops on a damp sponge
■Dishwasher Because it is used every day. Organic and naturally-derived ingredients keep your hands beautiful while maintaining the detergency. AlmaWin's signature dishwashing detergent.
If you are dissatisfied with oil stains and foam loss with conventional eco-detergents, you should try this detergent. In addition to demonstrating high detergency with plant-derived ingredients, we pursued good foaming and foam removal. In addition, dishwashing detergent is used many times every day, so we want to gently protect the hands of those who use it. Therefore, we have devised a formula that contains wheat protein that gently protects the skin of the hands and reduces the irritation of oil stains and cleansing ingredients. It also has the effect of giving a clean finish when the dishes are dry and drains well, so there is no need to wipe it off after washing. Contains organic eucalyptus essential oil and refreshing lemongrass essential oil. AlmaWin is an easy-to-use detergent that not only sticks to natural ingredients, but also considers the health of human skin. Dishwasher was subjected to a skin patch test at the Department of Allergy Dermatology at the University of Mannheim, Germany, and no positive reaction was observed. (* Note: We do not guarantee that allergic reactions will not occur in all people.)
Liquidity: Weakly alkaline

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