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Grab everyone's attention with the Intex Glitter Beach Ball!

Go gorgeous at a pool party. It is a large beach ball with a diameter of about 51 cm, and the inside is filled with sparkling glitter.

Product name Glitter Beach Ball
name glitter beach ball
size Approximately 51cm in diameter
Material Made of vinyl (thickness 0.23mm)
accessories With repair patch for repair
Note 10 days after delivery, only initial defects will be handled. note that.

World's top-class safe and secure Intex products.

Stand out from the crowd with a sparkling glitter beach ball!

It is sure to attract attention with SNS shine!

* Please do not let children play alone, but always under the supervision of a supervisor.

・Constructed with durable 0.2mm thick vinyl ・Oversized 71cm
・With repair patch

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