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Compelling! Everyone's favorite dinosaur pool♪

Product name INTEX happy dino pool
name Intex Happy Dino Pool Play Center
size (Approx.) 196 x 170 x 107 cm
capacity 280L
Material vinyl
Note * Only initial defects will be handled within 10 days from delivery. note that.
*Please use under parental supervision.
*For ages 3 and up
* Before installation, be sure to clean the installation location so that there are no pebbles, etc., and spread a vinyl sheet or the like before installation.

Children are sure to be delighted by the powerful dinosaur pool♪ If you connect a household hose to the connector, the shower will pop out!
The slide has a cushion, so even small children can play safely. You can also trap in the mountain of Pteranodon! Great for making fun summer memories with your friends and family!

No reviews

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