[Off-grid support price] Lithium iron phosphate battery 12.8V 100Ah 1280Wh LiFePo4 household storage battery

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It is recommended for the battery of the solar panel!

The type with Bluetooth is easily accessed from the app.
* Japan Technical Conformity Mark acquired

Recently, the price of batteries has been rising due to soaring raw material prices and transportation costs, as well as a rapid increase in demand for semiconductors.
The price is going up every time it arrives, so if you are thinking of buying it, please buy it as soon as possible.

Product name


name lithium iron phosphate battery
nominal voltage 12.8V
Nominal capacity 100Ah







Up to 4 units in series, up to 4 units in parallel, total 16 units can be connected

<Precautions when connecting>
For parallel connection, use the recommended connection method.
When connecting in series, fully charge all batteries and connect them after 1 hour.

Series connection is also possible, but it is very difficult to balance.
If you use it for a long time, the balance will be out of order, and maintenance will be required.
We do not recommend using a series connection in an environment where it would be a problem if the output were cut off.
*If one of the batteries in series runs out of electricity, the voltage will drop at once, which may cause the MPPT controller and hybrid inverter to stop.

This rack type is recommended for 48V specifications.



Recommended for solar power generation and marine use.

Warranty period

1 year This warranty does not cover damage caused by intentional or improper maintenance of the system, misuse, improper repair or modification, or deterioration over time. note that.

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