[JP-AC Solar Panel Model Registration] Solar Panel Single Crystal 250W

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Large capacity! 250W high performance solar panel

Kingdom Solar has a track record of mega solar installations in Japan.

<About shipping>
It is 15,000 yen excluding tax for up to 3 cards nationwide.
If you need more than 22 sheets, or if you live in Hokkaido or Okinawa, please contact us for a separate estimate.
If you come to the Fukutsu office to pick up this panel, there is no shipping charge.
This is the best deal! ^^

<In the case of collection>

Please let us know the date and time of collection.
Also, I need to bring it from the warehouse, so please give me about a week.
The office does not provide change. Please pay in advance by credit card.

Product name


name solar module
Vmps 30.31
Imp 8.25A






Maximum system voltage





about 18kg

About system construction How to choose a charge controller that can be connected to our solar panel

Look at the Voc of the solar panel and select a charge controller that can input that voltage and that is compatible with the voltage of the battery to be used.
The charge controller is
Note that the input voltage range differs between when using a 12V battery and when using a 24V battery.

Controller A
12V system DC9V~DC15V
24V system DC18V~DC30V
36V system DC32V to DC40V
48V system DC42V~DC60V

Controller B
12V system DC18V to DC80V
24V system 30V to 100V DC
36V system 40V to 100V DC
48V system 60V to 150V DC
96V system DC120V~DC200V

When using controller B, the battery can be operated at 12V and 24V,
For controller A, the battery can only be operated on a 24V system.
It is necessary to choose the controller properly according to the battery to be used.
It also checks if the controller supports the battery it uses.

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