Smart Trike STR7 (Red)

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Super high-spec tricycle "STR7" that can be used for 6 months after birth.

It can be folded very compactly and can be rolled and carried like a carrying case.

Face-to-face driving is possible, so you can walk while watching the baby's face like a stroller.

Product name Smart Trike STR7
Manufacturer smart trike
Usage ride-on toy tricycle
Target age 6 months to 3 years old around birthday
Storage size L36.5×D33×H61cm
Deployment size L102×W48×H96cm
weight 8.6kg

・Control bar (one-handed push bar)
・Canopy (UV cut hood)
・With Japanese manual


With 1 year manufacturer's warranty


Specifications are subject to change without notice for imported products. Please note.


Super high-spec tricycle "STR7" that can be used for 6 months after birth
The long-established tricycle manufacturer "Smart Trike", which has sold a total of 20 million tricycles worldwide, has finally released a high-performance foldable tricycle!
- Can be used like a stroller
Enables seat reclining and face-to-face driving! Like a stroller, you can take a walk while watching your baby's face.
- 1/6 size in just 25 seconds
It can be folded quickly and can be stored. It is also very convenient because it can be rolled and carried like a carrying case, making it easy to move.
● Easy steering function! touch steering
The smart trike is equipped with touch steering technology (patented) with its own swivel tires.This allows parents to steer with light force like a luxury stroller instead of turning the steering wheel to steer. became
- Handle on/off function
Due to the fact that the push rod and the front wheel are not linked,
The push rod handle makes it easier to operate without being disturbed by children operating the handle.
-Smart trike that transforms from 6 months to 4 ways
You can change the tricycle according to the size of your child.
Baby footrest storage/pouch/removable canopy

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