TOKIDOKI × JUJUBE be packed fantasy paradise

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A collaboration between TOKIDOKI and Jujubi!

You are the VIP guest of the tokidoki surprise party!

Fantasy Paradise is a lively celebration of art and joy, featuring colorful characters and unique scenes from previous tokidoki x JJB collaborations.

From indigo skies to crystal seas, the discoveries are endless in this colorful wonderland.
Fantasy Paradise is full of surprises like never before with a special two-tone color and a wonderful character (Piratako) zipper pull.
Find your favorite and get JuJuBe style from this tokidoki fantasy paradise!

[Jujubi] is a very popular bag brand in the United States. Since Teflon is woven into each fiber, dirt can be wiped off quickly. It can also be washed in the washing machine, so it will stay clean forever.

Product name jujube be packed for tokidoki
size 26.5 cm x 42 cm x 13 cm
Manufacturer american jujubi
Usage mom bag mom rucksack
Note Print patterns vary from individual to individual. note that.

Tokidoki is a brand created by Simone Legno, an Italian who loves Japan. It quickly became a hot topic in Los Angeles, the United States, and now it has become a collaboration with a famous brand. In America and Europe, Japanese animation is a popular brand that makes people feel excited.
It has a sturdy construction and the shoulder belt and pad are firm, so it is easy to use with less burden on your shoulders.

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