2in1 Cooler Bag Large Capacity Cooler Bag Eco Bag

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vacation cooler tote bag
Product name SPICE vacation bag in cooler bag
Material name

Outer: 70% PVC, 30% polyester Inner: aluminum sheet, polyester Insulation material: polyethylene Handle, zipper: 100% polyester

size Shopping bag: w420 d230 h630
Insulated bag: w415 d200 h350


vacation cooler tote bag

The tote bag contains a perfectly sized cooler bag, so it can be used in two ways. It's OK to have more luggage when shopping! You can put raw food in the cooler bag and snacks and miscellaneous goods in the tote bag. When you're done using it, pack the bag into one and make it compact. It is a bag that can be used outdoors. The tarpaulin fabric used for outdoor tents is durable and stain resistant. The tote bag has a reflector to make it safer on the road at night.

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