Battery type

There are two main types.

・Lead deep cycle battery <br>Although it has been used as a sub-battery so far, it is heavy and the number of charge/discharge times is less than that of a lithium-ion battery.

・Lithium-ion battery A lightweight, compact battery that can be repeatedly charged and discharged about 10 times longer than a lead-acid battery.
It is used in many mobile terminals such as mobile phones and notebook computers, and in recent years technological innovation has progressed and it is also used in hybrid and electric vehicles.

battery capacity

Converting DC12V100Ah battery to watt hour (Wh)

100Ah x 12V = 1200Wh .

A conversion loss occurs when DC12V is converted to AC100V with an inverter.
Considering the conversion loss broadly, it is considered to be reduced by about 20%.

1200Wh x 0.8 = 960Wh (actually usable electricity is 960Wh)

The lead deep cycle battery has a severe voltage drop during discharge, so the above calculation may not apply, so please consider it as a reference.
Lithium-ion batteries are less susceptible to voltage drop during discharge, and can be used roughly as calculated.

Divide this by the power consumption of the appliance to get an approximate usable time. Usable time example

Estimated charging time

Estimated charging time

[Battery capacity] ÷ [Charging current] .

When charging a 100Ah battery at 40A,

100Ah ÷ 40A ≒ 2-3 hours

* Since the charging current varies depending on the state of the battery, the charging time will be longer than the above calculation method.

Voltage and capacity of multiple connected batteries

Parallel connection of batteries

When batteries of the same standard are connected in parallel,
" Voltage does not change "
"The operating time increases in proportion to the number of batteries. "

The result is simply the sum of the capacities.
It is used when you want to reduce the burden on each battery or extend the operating time .

Series connection of batteries

When batteries of the same standard are connected in series,
" Operation time does not change "
" Voltage increases in proportion to the number of batteries "

Although the capacities are totaled, there is no change in the operating time because current is consumed to raise the voltage.

It is used to create the desired voltage, such as the optimum voltage for the solar panel or inverter to be used .

Tips for prolonging battery life


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