Since solar power generation is unstable, the generated electricity cannot be used as it is for electric appliances.
As a major premise, it is necessary to store electricity in a battery once, and the stored electricity (direct current) is converted to AC 100 V (alternating current) by an "inverter" and used.

Also, in order to charge the battery with electricity generated by sunlight, it is necessary to manage the flow of electricity with a "charge controller".

The "Hybrid Inverter" that we sell has both "charge controller" and "inverter" functions, so you can build a simpler system.
There are also models that can supply the electricity generated by the solar panel directly to electrical appliances without going through the battery.

[General configuration]

[Configuration using a hybrid inverter]

System design procedure

Determine the "electrical products" to be connected to the system and "usage time per day", and calculate the required power consumption.

Determine system voltage.
12V systems are common, but large systems use 24V or 48V systems to improve efficiency.

Determine the continuous no-sunshine time, i.e. the time the electrical product is used without power generation from the solar panel (=battery only).

Determine the solar panel configuration according to the amount of power required and the determined system voltage.

When using electrical products even without solar radiation (batteries only), the power required to charge the batteries when generating electricity must also be considered.
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Determine the battery configuration according to the determined system voltage and continuous no-irradiation time.

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Determine the charge controller and inverter according to the determined panel and battery configuration.
In addition, it is necessary to consider the power consumption of the electric appliances used at the same time as the inverter.

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