Fertilizer for foliar application Amino Sanpi 10-3-3 Contains amino acids and organic acids 12kg Helps tree recovery and absorption of nutrients 1 can, 1 case (2 cans)

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Plants have the ability to absorb nutrients not only through their roots but also through their foliage. The Sanpi series is a fertilizer that is applied by foliar spraying to replenish essential elements and trace elements that generally tend to be deficient by utilizing its absorption capacity. This can be expected to increase sales and improve quality.
"Sanpi Series" includes Sanpi 833neo (8-3-3 + organic acid + sugar + trace element), Amino Sanpi (10-3-3 + trace element + amino acid), Sanpi Plus (0-46-30 + Magnesium) There are three types, and please use them according to the application.

<Features of Sanpi Series>

  1. It can be used for a wide range of crops and can supply the nutrients necessary for crops.
  2. Formulated and strengthened with 4 types of organic acids and 2 types of sugars (Sampi 833neo).
  3. By fortifying organic acids, prevention of element deficiency and improvement of quality can be expected (Sampi 833neo).
  4. The chelating action of organic acids helps crops absorb nutrients (Sanpi 833neo, Amino Sanpi).
  5. It is expected to prevent various physiological disorders caused by calcium deficiency (Sanpi 833neo).
  6. Amino acids can be expected to improve quality and restore tree vigor, and act as a direct source of nutrition in stressful environments (Amino Sanpi).
  7. Since a spreading agent is added, there is no need to add a spreading agent when spraying (Sanpi 833neo, Amino Sanpi).

<When foliar spraying is particularly required>

  1. When it cannot be absorbed due to element deficiency or antagonism between fertilizers
  2. Nutritional supplementation during the peak harvest period for fruits and vegetables
  3. When fertilizer cannot be absorbed due to root damage
  4. When you want to apply a small amount of fertilizer, and when it is bad if the fertilizer is effective until late
  5. When you want the fertilizer to work quickly
  6. Used to recover from cold damage, frost damage, hail damage, and wind and flood damage
  7. When there is insufficient sunlight due to prolonged rain, etc.
  8. Thanksgiving manure such as fruit trees

<How to use>

  1. Use Sampi 833neo and Amino Sampi as appropriate, taking into account the condition of the crop and growth stage.
  2. Sanpi Plus is a phosphoric acid/potassium fortifying agent.
  3. For spraying, use 750x to 1500x.
  4. When using a large amount of water for raising seedlings, use 1500 times.

An example of usage for each crop

crop name When to use purpose and effect Dilution factor (times) how to use
fruits and vegetables Seedling period Raising healthy seedlings Sanpi 833neo Amino Sanpi (1000-1500) foliar spray
Flowering period - Harvest period Improve tree vigor, prevent bottom rot Sampi 833neo (750-1000)
Improved tree vigor, improved quality Amino Sanpi (1000)
leafy vegetables Seedling period Raising healthy seedlings, improving tree vigor Sampi 833neo・
Amino Sanpi (1000-1500)
Planting to harvesting period Improved quality, improved storability Sanpi 833neo (750-1500)・
Amino Sanpi (1000)
root vegetables Early growth Improve tree vigor Sampi 833neo・
Amino Sanpi (750-1000)
Fermentation period - Harvest period Yield increase, storability improvement
fruit trees Before flowering to before fruit picking Elongation of new shoots, Enlargement of young fruits Sanpi 833neo (750-1000)・
Amino Sanpi (1000)
Fruit enlargement period - before harvest Promotes coloring, increases sugar content Sampi 833neo・
Amino Sanpi (750-1000)
After harvest Recovery of tree vigor, prevention of cold damage Sampi 833neo (750-1000)
Accumulation of stored nutrients Amino Sanpi (750-1000)

<Precautions for use and storage>

  1. Do not mix with alkaline materials.
  2. Do not use for purposes other than fertilizer.
  3. Keep out of reach of children.
  4. Seal the mouth of the container and store it in a cool and dark place.
  5. After use, wash your eyes and gargle, and if it adheres to your skin, wash it off.
  6. In case of eye contact, wash immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  7. If accidentally swallowed, please consult a doctor as soon as possible.
  8. Precipitation derived from organic ingredients may occur if left undisturbed, so shake well to homogenize the contents before use.
  9. Mixing with other fertilizers should only be used if precipitation or crystals do not occur.
  10. The diluted solution is perishable, so please use it within the same day.
  11. Avoid using in the daytime at high temperatures.
  12. Crystals may form at low temperatures, and precipitation may occur at high temperatures (greenhouses, etc.), so avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool, dark place indoors.
  13. Please avoid using it for None.
  14. Do not leave the empty container on the field, etc., and dispose of it properly.

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