Carota Mini CAROTA-mini Made in Japan Children's Chair Sasaki Design

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model: white
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designer Toshimitsu Sasaki
Beech veneer molded plywood
finish Urethane paint

Width 350mm, depth 317mm, height 384, 394, 404, 414mm
[A] Seat width 280mm
[B] Seat depth 250mm
[C] Seat height 180, 190, 200, 210mm
Color A back board: Natural, red, green, white

*Since natural materials are used for the products, the wood grain and color may differ slightly for each product. In addition, due to the nature of wood as a material, all products include "wood grain". Please note.
Country of origin Japan

A CAROTA chair with a round and plump impression.
There are 4 colors of colorful bright colors (red/green/white/natural). Sturdy, well made, and works great. It has a baby guard and a non-slip (crotch part), and the back is also removable, which is a nice feature . The height can be adjusted in 4 stages according to the growth stage. It is a popular chair that can be used for a long time from sitting (about 6 to 7 months) to about 6 years old, and can be used as a tool after it is no longer used.
In 2016, the newly reborn "Carota" series was made in Japan, with a more detailed and beautiful finish and more vivid colors. Please also see the "Product Catalog" for product details.
◆ Maple is made in Canada.
(Design registration pending/patent pending)
◆We use paint made in Japan that is managed and registered as a formaldehyde regulated product (Japanese standards).

* Can be used together with CAROTA-table.
(Sasaki Design-CAROTA-mini)

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