AlmaWin Laundry Liquid Chestnut Laundry Detergent 750ml

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AlmaWin Laundry Liquid Coconut 750ml
Product name Almawin laundry liquid chestnut 750ml (compact detergent for clothing)
Usage Compact laundry detergent
Internal capacity 750ml
Country of origin
All ingredients Surfactant 16.9% (lauryl polyglucose (oligosaccharide surfactant), sodium lauryl sulfate)
Denatured alcohol, salt (= sodium chloride), benzyl alcohol, hydrolyzed wheat protein (= wheat protein),
Glycerin, lactic acid, fragrance (lemongrass essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil*), water
how to use
 A few drops on a damp sponge 

■Even though it is 100% natural ingredients, it is excellent at removing stains! Soap nut natural cleanser!
      "Almawin Laundry Liquid Kurinut 750ml (Concentrate Detergent for Clothing)" is an environmental laundry detergent that utilizes the natural power of saponin extracted from soap nuts.

      Soap nuts are natural nuts that have been used as detergents in India since ancient times. The saponin contained in it not only removes dirt, but also has the power of nature to wash the fibers softly.

      By adding plant-derived cleaning ingredients to this, it removes dirt firmly. In addition, Kurinut is so soft that you don't need fabric softener, so ironing is easy.

      The reason for this is that the blended wheat protein gently protects the fibers, and the saponin gently washes the fibers.

      Of course, it can also be used for colored patterns. In addition, organic eucalyptus essential oil and refreshing vervain essential oil are blended, so you can enjoy the natural scent.

      Since it is a concentrated type, it is easier to use in a lighter and more compact container than conventional products, and the amount used per time is less than conventional products.

      It also removes foam easily, so you only need to rinse once. It is a detergent that saves water and saves time and is friendly to nature, people and wallets.

      Liquidity: Weakly alkaline

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