Boba Wrap Serenity (Dark Blue)

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Boba Wrap Serenity (Dark Blue)

  • It can be used from birth without accessories.
  • Distributes the weight over the entire body so your shoulders and lower back are comfortable.
  • The omnidirectional stretch fabric stretches evenly, making it easier to put on than non-stretchable ones.
  • Especially recommended for newborn children.
  • By stretching in all directions, the child can move inside and does not interfere with the development of the child's muscles.
  • It stretches and contracts to keep your baby firmly in place.
  • Since both hands are free, you can also do housework. In addition, you can easily stroke your baby and get more physical contact.
  • Skinship has a great effect on the secretion of oxytocin.
  • Recommended for grandparents who are not used to hugging. (As long as you put it on, even a baby whose head is not sitting can be held at the correct chest position.)
  • As soon as you put your baby in the Bobalwrap, he/she will fall asleep.
  • The organic fabric feels slightly softer and more comfortable.

Materials: 68% rayon (viscose) made from bamboo, 25% cotton, 7% spandex (polyurethane)

Attachment: Japanese manual

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