Products for Japan INTEX Filter Cartridge Circulation Pump Cartridge Set of 3 Value for Large Pools (Easy Set/Frame Pool)

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Filter Cartridge for INTEX Purification Pump #59903CF Set of 3
Product name
INTEX Purification Pump Filter Pump
Filter cartridge for the circulation pump that removes dust, etc. for the INTEX large pool
available pool
INTEX 12ft (3.66m) pool
INTEX 15ft (4.57m) pool
Large pools such as INTEX small frame pools
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Filter Cartridge for INTEX Purification Pump #59903CF
It is a replacement filter for the Intex pool purification pump. It is recommended to replace the filter inside the pump for hygiene management.

Filter replacement is ideal for 24-hour operation.
Change it when it gets dirty.
I NTEX Filter Cartridges Set of 3 For Large Pools (Easy Set/Frame Pool)
*Can only be installed in a pool dedicated to easy set pools and frame pools.
*Requires filter pump.

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