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12V Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Charger

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Product name

CG12 Battery Charger for Lithium Iron Phosphate

name battery charger
nominal voltage 14.6V
Nominal capacity 20Ah



233 x 108 x 64mm


12V lithium iron phosphate battery charger. A dedicated charger allows the battery to be charged from a household AC power source. The output voltage can be adjusted based on battery power, voltage and current status.
・Dedicated for lithium iron phosphate battery, wide voltage input range: 100-240V
・LED indicator lets you know the charging status ・Easy connection to the battery using the included alligator clip cable ・Compatible with all lithium iron phosphate batteries sold by RENOGY ・Electronic protection and a lithium battery activation function ・Equipped with a backflow prevention function ・Multiple batteries connected in parallel can be charged with a single AC charger ・Equipped with an automatic charging current adjustment function, Limit charging current when near charging

Warranty period

1 year This warranty does not cover damage caused by intentional or improper maintenance of the system, misuse, improper repair or modification, or deterioration over time. note that.

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