Circuit breaker DC breaker CHINT NB1-63DC 1P DC250V

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Rated current: 16A
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Brand: CHINT

NB1-63DC 1P
DC circuit breaker direct current

1.1 Certificate: CCC, CE, CB, TUV;
1.2 Standards Standards: IEC/EN 60947-2, RoHS;
1.3 Maximum rated voltage 250V, maximum rated current 16A;
1.4 Protection of circuits against overload currents.
1.5 Protection of circuits against short-circuit currents.
1.6 NB1-63DC circuit breaker is used in communication system and PV-DC system.

2.1 Excellent breaking capacity
2.2 Double connection function for lead wires and busbars
2.3 Stored energy operation, fast closing, long service life
2.4 Convenient installation and removal
2.5 Contacts on/off display, higher security
2.6 Green environmental protection and energy saving

Operating conditions
Environmental temperature: -35℃~+70℃
The atmosphere condition: ≤95%
Pollution Degree 2
Altitude: ≤2000m

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