Ultra Downy Downy 4.8L Laundry Softener April Fresh

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Product name ULTRA DOWNY

Ultra Downey April Fresh

Usage Laundry detergent Softener
capacity 4.88L
component Softener (cationic), stabilizer, fragrance, colorant
Standard usage Up to the lowest line of the cap is a guideline for one wash (about 7-8 kg)
comment The gentle and refreshing scent that makes you think of a flower garden is very popular!
The finish is fluffy and soft, and it also suppresses static electricity.
Makes washing fun.

In the final rinse step after washing, use an appropriate amount depending on the amount of laundry and water.
Please put it so that it does not adhere directly to clothing.
The liquid may become thick at low temperatures, so dissolve it in hot water before use.
Do not use on non-combustible clothing as it may weaken the non-combustible effect.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not use it for anything other than its intended purpose.
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