Corona measures disinfection / deodorization FLC liquid concentrated type space disinfection

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type: 500ml stock solution bottle (for 20-fold dilution - 5 liters)
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It is a "next-generation disinfectant" that can disinfect substances (walls, air conditioner filters, etc.), disinfect spaces (indoors, etc.), and deodorize.

[High safety]
PHMB, the main disinfectant component of FLC Liquid, is used for cleaning contact lenses and as a preservative solution. You can use it with confidence, and you don't have to worry about rough hands. (Contains antibacterial ingredients (moisturizing ingredients) used in cosmetics.

[Persistence of sterilization effect about 10 days]
A high-performance product with an extremely long antibacterial persistence of about 10 days compared to alcohol and hypochlorous acid-based disinfectants. It is colorless, odorless, and ultra-hypoallergenic, and does not damage desks, floors, curtains, humidifiers, etc. Furthermore, unlike alcohol or hypochlorous acid-based disinfectants, the antibacterial persistence does not decrease even in places with a lot of sebum, sweat, and organic matter.

[Difficult to get rough hands]
Even if you repeat the disinfection work, the feeling of smoothness increases and you can reduce the roughness of your hands. You can safely use it for sterilization.

[Can be used by diluting with a humidifier]
By humidifying the room, it is possible to disinfect, antibacterial, and deodorize not only the room, but also the air conditioner filter, walls, floors, and other parts of the room at the same time.

“FLC LIQUID” requires the production room to be sterile in order to realize the production of completely pesticide-free rice with the “Flc Pure Rice Rice Hydroponic Cultivation System” promoted by FLC Co., Ltd. As one of these technologies, we have been developing this product.

As a result, we have completed a high-performance product that can be used safely and securely, with a wide range of effects, from caustic bacteria to general fungi to influenza.

In addition, during the development period of this product, the new coronavirus occurred, so as a result of further research to be able to use it as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus, it was confirmed by PCR test that the new coronavirus was inactivated. it was done. We would appreciate it if you could use "FLC LIQUID" which can be used for various purposes in your life.

Product name FLC LIQUID
name FLC liquid undiluted solution (for refilling)
Manufacturer FLC Co., Ltd.
component Polyaminopropyl biquanide, hydroxypropyl chitosan, lactic acid, sodium lactate
Country of origin Japan
Internal capacity 500ml

Dilute 20 times with purified water before use.
Example) When making a total of 500ml, liquid undiluted solution 50ml: water: 450ml
When using it in a humidifier, dilute it 100 times before use.
Example) When making a total of 500ml Liquid undiluted solution 5ml: Water: 495ml


Initial defect correspondence [10 days from the delivery date]
Eliminating, antibacterial, and deodorizing mold, fungi, etc. *Not effective against all fungi.
Be sure to read the precautions on the back of the package before using. Expiration date is within 3 years after production


"FLC LIQUID", a highly effective, long-lasting, and highly safe disinfecting liquid created to produce pesticide-free rice
Sterilize and deodorize any space. It can also be used as a humidifier.

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