CHERRYBELL TE4000PRO 51.2V 100Ah 5.12kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Rack Lifepo4 48V Specifications

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Storage Battery 51.2V 100Ah Deep Cycle Lithium Battery Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Compatible with Victron/Growatt and other brand inverters.

This TE4000PRO51.2V 5.12kWh lithium battery is equipped with an intelligent BMS module that enables management, centralized remote support, battery monitoring (voltage, current, temperature of cells and each module, overload protection, etc.) to manage the battery and remote maintenance.
Each cell is balanced and current limited during the charging process to ensure battery safety and efficiency.

In addition, the front of the TE4000PRO 51.2V 5.12kWh lithium battery has RS485/RS232/CAN ports that allow parallel connection of modules.

CHERRYBELL TE4000PRO 5.12kWh lithium batteries are modular and easy to connect in parallel, up to 15 can be connected in parallel.

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nominal voltage 51.2V size 482*420*178
Nominal capacity 100Ah weight 50kg
Capacity@20A 300 minutes Terminal type connector
energy 5120Wh Case material steel
resistance ≤30mΩ Enclosure protection IP20
efficiency 99% cell type prism
self discharge ≤3.5%/month chemistry Lifepo4
Max modules in parallel 15 Constitution 16S1P
Maximum continuous discharge current 50A Recommended charging current 50A
peak discharge current 150A≤3s Maximum charging current 100A
BMS discharge current cutoff 130A±20A Recommended charging voltage

56-57.6V _

Low voltage disconnect recommended 44V BMS charge voltage cutoff 57.6V (3.75±0.1V)
discharge temperature -20 to 60℃ certification CE/UN38.3/IEC
charging temperature 0 to 45°C communication RS232/RS485/CAN
Low temperature cut-off charging 0℃ (customized) Shipment classification UN3480, CLASS9
High temperature cut-off charging
54℃ (customized) guarantee 1 year

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