GROWATT SPF 3000TL-LVM-ES Hybrid Inverter Built-in MPPT Inverter 48VDC Input PV Max. 250V Output AC100V Operable without battery Single-phase 3-wire possible with 2 units / 3-phase 3-wire possible with 3 units (free shipping)

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model: SPF3000TL LVM-ES
WIFI: none
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1 unit in stock as of October 26, 2022

*It takes about 2-3 months for custom orders.

GROWATT, one of the world's top sellers of solar power conditioners

Rated output: 3kW
Output voltage: Selectable from 3 types of 100V / 110V / 120V Frequency: Selectable from 50Hz and 60Hz
MPPT PV input: 120V to 250V
High-frequency inverter model, compact and lightweight model Sine wave AC output Power can be input simultaneously from solar power generation and commercial power supply
Compatible with CAN/RS485 Can be connected to a battery. Equipped with BMS communication port Can operate without batteries Up to 6 units can be connected in parallel Size: 320 x 470 x 135
There is also a model with WIFI (Japan Technical Conformity Mark acquired).

Single-phase 3-wire possible with 2 units 3-phase 4-wire possible with 3 units

The monitoring screen is available in Japanese.
→WIFI monitoring allows you to know the exact battery level. (Only when using our CAN compatible battery)

In addition, it usually takes about 2 months to deliver because it is an order item.
Please feel free to inquire as we may have some in stock.

Click here for specifications

The manual can be downloaded from here.

Click here for how to install the monitoring software (USB)

Import agency: Smart Trading Co., Ltd.

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