GROWATT SPF 6000-12000T DVM-MPV Single-Phase Three-Wire (104V/208V) Hybrid Inverter Off-Grid

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model: SPF 6000T DVM-MPV
WIFI: none
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Stock status: As of October 26, 2022
SPF 6000T: 1 in stock
SPF 12000T: 1 unit in stock Other models and out of stock models will arrive approximately 3 months after ordering. Please be aware of this before purchasing.

GROWATT, one of the world's top sellers of solar power conditioners

Rated output: 4.0kW to 12.0kW
Input: 184V to 272VAC (connect single-phase 200V to the input terminal)
* Input single-phase 200V and ground to the input terminal.
Do not accidentally plug the neutral wire into ground.

Output voltage: Single-phase three-wire, selectable from the following 4 types (L1, L2, N)
104V/208V, 110V/220V, 115V/230V, 120V/240V

Frequency: 50Hz and 60Hz selectable
MPPT PV Input: 60V to 245V 250Voc
Maximum PV input power ・4000T to 6000T: 5000W (PV input is 1 port)
・8000T to 12000T: 7000W (2 ports for PV input, 3500W for each port)

Low-frequency inverter model, using a large transformer with outstanding stability
For 6kW model: maximum peak output is 18kW

*The high-frequency inverter model is compact and lightweight, but the peak output is twice the rated output.
The low-frequency inverter model triples the peaks instead of the large weight.
If there are many motor-based home appliances, we recommend a low-frequency inverter.

Sine wave AC output Power can be input simultaneously from solar power generation and mains power
Compatible with CAN/RS485 Can be connected to a battery. Equipped with BMS communication port
There is also a model with WIFI (Japan Technical Conformity Mark acquired).

The monitoring screen is available in Japanese.
→WIFI monitoring allows you to know the exact battery level.

In addition, it usually takes about 2 months to deliver because it is an order product.
Please feel free to inquire as we may have some in stock.

Click here for specifications

The manual can be downloaded from here.

Click here for how to install the monitoring software

Import agency: Smart Trading Co., Ltd. Warranty period: 1 year

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