Sun Sun Hachi Net [3.6 mm mesh] HM3388

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[Japan Wide Cloth Co., Ltd. Sun Sun Hachi Net]

With good air permeability and light transmittance, this insect repellent net for agriculture is ideal for bumblebee cultivation with a mesh size of 3.6 mm. Prevents bees from flying away when cultivating bumblebees in a greenhouse.

In addition, it can be used for various purposes such as insect repellent (*), moth repellent, bird repellent, and other safety measures for crops.

*Noctuid moths, stink bugs, bollworms, sinkworms, etc.

■We prevent flying escape of bee with 3.6mm square mesh which is most suitable for bumblebee cultivation in house.

■Excellent pollination effect in the optimal environment where bumblebees are easy to work with excellent breathability, and the profit rate is greatly improved.

■Safe honey net that does not require hormone treatment even for flowers that do not have nectar, such as tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and eggplants.

■Ideal for improving the quality of crops and increasing yields by preventing the invasion of pests such as night moths, stink bugs, bollworms, and sinkworms.

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