Kaneyama M5 Mixed Trace Element Fertilizer Liquid Fertilizer 1 Box/1 Bag

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Size: 1 box (20 kg, 20 bags)
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Manufacturer: Kaneyama Green Tech Kaneyama M5 No. is a mixed trace element fertilizer with an optimal blend of iron, manganese, zinc, boron, copper and molybdenum.
Highest grade product using chelate zinc and chelate copper.

Due to its high water solubility, it can be easily dissolved in a concentration tank.
We use raw materials that are free of impurities and suitable for aqueous solution cultivation.
It is very convenient to use because it is all trace element ingredients.
Can be used for all hydroponic crops.
Trace elements are added separately, so the amount can be adjusted according to the growth stage.
recommended for blueberries

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Manganese (as MnO): 4.0%, Boron (as B2O3): 5.8%
Iron (EDTA-Fe), Zinc (EDTA-Zn), Copper (EDTA-Cu), Molybdenum

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