Perfect for BBQ♪ [KINGSFORD Charcoal] Charcoal Barbecue Charcoal 8.43kg x 2 Pieces Value Set

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Kingsford charcoal charcoal 8.43kg x 2 bags
Product name

8.43 kg x 2 bags

Product name charcoal briquette
Internal capacity 8.43 kg x 2 bags
Country of origin America
Precautions for use

There is a risk of gas poisoning such as carbon monoxide, so please never use it in closed, unventilated areas such as indoors, cars, and tents.

Carbon monoxide is odorless.

When igniting, use a charcoal-specific ignition agent and do not use gasoline.

Do not barbecue near combustible materials, under roofs, under eaves, or near trees.
Make sure the fire is completely extinguished and the ashes are cool before throwing them away.

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A must-have for camping and outdoor barbecues! !
Kingsford charcoal 8.43kg x 2 bags. It has a large capacity and is very convenient when used by a large number of people.If you use an ignition agent to start a fire, the flame and smoke will come out at first, but it will soon stabilize, so you can quickly prepare! !

If you always have it ready for sudden gatherings, you can enjoy a barbecue in the garden ♪

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