Santoku Knife 180mm Gouma Yoshihiro Authentic Sakai Kurouchi Series [Made in Japan Knife] Yamawaki Hamono Seisakusho Cooking Cooking Traditional Industry Certified Osaka Sakai Knife Japanese Knife Kitchenware

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Authentic Kurouchi Series Santoku Knife
Product name

Santoku knife

Country of origin Japan
size Blade length 180mm
total length 310mm
weight 148 grams
material White Steel (Yasugi Steel Black Strike White 2 Steel)
(Blue 2 steel can also be ordered from the workshop. Orders are very busy and it takes about half a year.)
pattern Red sandalwood round handle (rosewood)
Case Japanese paper box
Saya vinyl cover
Regarding delivery
category Category Top > Kitchen Supplies (Kitchen) > Cooking Utensils

You can cut various foods such as meat, fish, and vegetables, and you can also cut bones and cut hard objects. This is a versatile knife that allows you to cook various dishes at home with this one.

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