[Monitor price] Sine wave multi-inverter Rated output 3000W High output Maximum instantaneous output 9000W 3kW 12V or 24V AC input Built-in charger Low frequency sine wave Camping car Solar power generation

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Voltage: 24V
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Product name

solar multi inverter

model cherry bell multi inverter
continuous output 3kw
AC input voltage 85V to 135V
AC charging Standby power consumption 15W
Battery charging maximum current 35A (selectable from 0%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%)

pure sine wave

Trance low frequency transformer
battery voltage 12V/24V
guarantee For one year from the date of purchase, the warranty does not cover damage caused by intentional or improper maintenance of the system, errors in use, improper repair or modification, or deterioration over time. note that.

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