Aries 350 (Netafim) Length: 500m

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Manufacturer: Netafim

“Aries” dripper with a new patented TurbuNextTM labyrinth structure Improved anti-clogging performance Combined with the use of polyethylene tubes that are resistant to ultraviolet rays and fertilizer salts, they can be used for a long time in a wide range of environments.

Aries 350 Length: 500m

Part number: 12800-001020 Dripper spacing (m): 0.20
Part number: 12800-001050 Dripper spacing (m): 0.30
Part number: 12800-001100 Dripper spacing (m): 0.40
Part number: 12800-001150 Dripper spacing (m): 0.50

【Common Items】

Specifications: Tube

Inner diameter 14.2mm

Outer diameter 16.0mm

Thickness 0.9mm

Dripper discharge rate: 1.0ℓ/hour (when water pressure is 1.0bar)

1.66ℓ/hour (when the maximum water pressure is 3.0bar)


・ Outdoor cultivation
・ Perennial crops such as fruit trees and tea gardens
・ Greenhouse perennial crops


・Significantly improved resistance to clogging ・Wide channel width and deep, large cross-sectional area make it easier for debris to pass , prevent dust from entering


・The dripper exhibits excellent clogging prevention performance with the new patented TurbuNextTM structure.

・The 0.9mm thick tube is durable and long-lasting

・Less deterioration due to UV rays and fertilizer ingredients

・Suitable for nutrient solution irrigation (nutrigation)

・Suitable for long-term cultivation ・Compliant with ISO9261 standards

[Flat surface structure]

・Precise and uniform processing by injection molding ・After smooth dripper processing, the housing is aligned inside the tube by heat welding, and the water flows smoothly.
・The water flow in the center of the tube is taken in from the top of the dripper, and the dust is filtered through the filter.
・The thick dripper prevents dust from entering the inside of the dripper even if there is a buildup of dust inside the tube.
・Less clogging of the dripper due to long-term use and excellent durability.

technical data
Applicable maximum water pressure bar 3.0
At water pressure 1 bar Discharge rate L/h 1.0
Flow cross section (mm) Width: 0.6, Depth: 0.75, Total Length: 65
Filtration area (mm2) 49

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