Uniram CNL (Netafim) Length: 400m

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style: 14040-000500
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Manufacturer: Netafim

(irrigation system tube)

Uniram CNL Length: 400m

Part number: 14040-000500 Dripper spacing (m): 0.40

Part number: 14040-000550 Dripper spacing (m): 0.50

A highly durable tube equipped with a dripper with pressure compensation and drip prevention mechanism. Irrigation and fertilization irrigation is super uniform and works well on short pitches, pulse irrigation and on slopes. A pressure maintenance mechanism prevents water dripping when water pressure is not applied.

【Common Items】

Specifications: Tube

Inner diameter 14.6mm

Outer diameter 17.0mm

Thickness 1.2mm

Dripper discharge rate: 1.6ℓ/hour (when water pressure is 1.0 to 4.0bar)

Applicable water pressure: 1.0 to 4.0bar


Uniram's dripper is extremely resistant to clogging due to its turbo net structure, which has a wide flow path and generates strong turbulent flow.

●The pressure compensation mechanism guarantees a uniform discharge volume over a wide range of water pressure from 1.0 to 4.0bar.

●An anti-suction mechanism prevents dust from entering from the discharge port, and an automatic cleaning mechanism using a diaphragm enhances clogging prevention.

●Since the pressure maintenance mechanism effectively prevents water dripping, simultaneous start/stop of irrigation and pulse irrigation are possible for the entire system.

●The root barrier structure prevents roots from entering and further prevents clogging.

*If there is no stock, it may be shipped directly from the manufacturer.

* The 400m roll is extended with a joint.

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