Micro Sprinkler Coolnet Pro Head (Netafim)

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size: 63100-052000
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Manufacturer: Netafim

Micro sprinkler vibronet UD head hanging type

Part number: 63100-052000 Watering amount (ℓ/hour) 22 Nozzle color: Light green
Part number: 63100-058300 Watering amount (ℓ/hour) 30 Nozzle color: Silver gray

【Common Items】

Recommended water pressure (bar)3.0~5.0

Watering diameter (m)1.5

particle 65 microns

*This is the value at a water pressure of 3.0bar when installed at a height of 150cm from the ground.


・ Superfine fog cooling and moisturizing in greenhouses, irrigation for rooting table


・Bridgeless design ・Two types of water spray volume: 5.5L/hour, 7.5L/hour (water spray amount from one nozzle at water pressure 4.0bar)
・There is a water stop plug ・Recommended water pressure range: 3.0 to 5.0bar
・Four-direction spraying (1 to 3-direction spraying is also possible with a plug for stopping water)
・Nozzle color coding
5.5 L/h: light green
7.5 L/h: Silver gray Water stop plug: Orange


・Bridgeless design reduces dripping.
・Sprinkle amount and spray range can be easily changed by exchanging nozzles.
・Since the raw materials are acid-resistant, chemicals can flow through the system, and an appropriate amount of acid can be used to clean the system.
・Spray fine particles evenly with a relatively low water pressure of 4.0bar. (average 65 microns)
Specially designed for cooling, moisturizing and rooting table watering.
・Cool Net Pro uses SSPE (Super Soft PE) microtube,
Specially designed weights (stabilizer) and AD (Anti-Drain)
We recommend that you use it in conjunction with a valve. The AD valve prevents dripping from the nozzle after watering is stopped.

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