Drip Net PC AS16 (Netafim) Length: 900m to 1200m

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Manufacturer: Netafim

Drip tube with pressure compensation and anti-siphon mechanism. Discharge rate is uniform even on slopes, and it has a suction prevention function. It has excellent durability and is ideal for sloping fields and subterranean irrigation.
The drip net PC dripper has an anti-siphon (AS) function. It prevents dripping and backflow after irrigation, so clogging is less likely to occur and irrigation uniformity is improved.
Uniform irrigation is possible even on undulating land, sloping land, and even with fluctuations in water pressure.
It also supports underground drip irrigation (SDI), so it does not spoil the landscape even when used in gardens and greening facilities.
In addition, since water penetrates directly into the soil, the rhizosphere environment is more stable, and water and fertilizer can be saved.

Drip Net PCAS16 (Netafim)

Part number: 17615-001370 Dripper spacing (m): 0.15 Winding length: 900m
Part number: 17615-001470 Dripper spacing (m): 0.20 Roll length: 1000m
Part number: 17615-001600 Dripper spacing (m): 0.30 Roll length: 1000m
Part number: 17615-001825 Dripper spacing (m): 0.40 Roll length: 1200m

【Common Items】

Specifications: Tube

Inner diameter 16.2mm

Outer diameter 16.96mm

Thickness 0.38mm

Dripper discharge rate: 1.0ℓ/hour (when water pressure is 0.4 to 2.2bar)

Applicable water pressure: 0.4 to 2.2bar


・Outdoor cultivation ・Even on sloped or undulating fields ・Supports SDI (underground drip irrigation)


・The patented TurboNetTM structure of the dripper provides excellent clogging prevention performance. ・The dripper is heat-sealed to a durable polyethylene tube without joints.
・Anti-siphon function prevents backflow and suction of mud ・Compatible with irrigation (SDI) by burying the tube shallowly in the soil ・Conforms to ISO9261 standards


Pressure correction mechanism and anti -siphon mechanism ・Silicone diaphragm built into the dripper changes its shape in response to pressure fluctuations, always maintaining a constant discharge volume Prevents entry of roots and absorption of mud, etc. ・Irrespective of the shape of the field, the amount of irrigation water is uniform at any point, and there is no unevenness in growth.

[Self-cleaning mechanism]

A large filter area that covers the entire surface of the dripper ・The smooth surface structure of the dripper suppresses the accumulation and clogging of dust ・The wide cross-sectional area of the flow path and the generation of strong turbulence allow intruding dust to pass through smoothly ・Dripper due to the action of the diaphragm Eliminates dust accumulated inside at once Maintains uniform drip performance over a long period of time with little dripper clogging due to long-term use

Dripper technical data
Applicable maximum water pressure bar 0.4 to 2.2
At water pressure 1 bar Discharge rate L/h 1.0
Flow cross section (mm) Width: 0.61, Depth: 0.60, Total Length: 8
Filtration area (mm2) 42
tube technical data
maximum water pressure bar 2.5
Applicable water pressure bar 0.4 to 2.2
inner diameter 16.2mm
Material High density special polyethylene

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