Spin net nozzle [rising trajectory] Micro sprinkler suspension type (Netafim)

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Style: 64200-010000
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Manufacturer: Netafim

Spin net nozzle (green swivel) ascending trajectory

Part number: 64200-010000 Watering volume (ℓ/hour) 70 Watering diameter (m) 7.5m Color: Black
Part number: 64200-013000 Watering volume (ℓ/h) 90 Watering diameter (m) 8m Color: Orange
Part number: 64200-017500 Watering volume (ℓ/hour) 120 Watering diameter (m) 9m Color: Red
Product number: 64200-020000 Watering volume (ℓ/hour) 160 Watering diameter (m) 9m Color: Brown
Product number: 64200-021300  Watering volume (ℓ/h) 200 Watering diameter (m) 10m Color: yellow

【Common Items】

With green swivel (ascending trajectory)

Water pressure range (bar) 2.0 to 3.0

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