Micro Sprinkler Vibronet UD Head Hanging Type (Netafim)

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Style: 64300-001000
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Manufacturer: Netafim

The operation of this emitter is based on vibration, water passing through the nozzle causes the needle to vibrate, which breaks up the water jet into uniform droplets that spread evenly.

Micro sprinkler vibronet UD head hanging type

Part number: 64300-001000 Watering amount (ℓ/hour) 40 Nozzle: Blue
Product number: 64300-005000 Watering amount (ℓ/hour) 50 Nozzle: Green

【Common Items】

Recommended water pressure (bar)3.0

Watering diameter (㎡)4.0

*This is the value at a water pressure of 3.0bar when installed at a height of 150cm from the ground.


・ Germination bed
 Nursery bed


・The dripper exhibits excellent clogging prevention performance with the new patented TurbuNextTM structure.

・The dripper is heat-sealed to a seamless thin and strong polyethylene tube.

・The 0.5mm thick tube is durable and long-lasting

・Less deterioration due to UV rays and fertilizer ingredients

・Suitable for nutrient solution irrigation (nutrigation)

・Suitable for long-term cultivation ・Compliant with ISO9261 standards

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