Typhoon Plus 100 (Netafim) Length: 200m

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Manufacturer: Netafim

Equipped with a newly developed turbo next structure dripper. The filter area, cross-sectional area of the flow path are wider, and the flow path length is shorter. The effect of suppressing clogging is increased, and uniform and stable drip irrigation is possible over a long period of time.

Typhoon Plus 100 Length: 200m

Part number: 15695-000381 Dripper spacing (m): 0.10
Part number: 15695-000415 Dripper spacing (m): 0.20

【Common Items】

Specifications: Tube

Inner diameter 16.2mm

Outer diameter 16.7mm

Thickness 0.25mm

Dripper discharge rate: 1.6ℓ/hour (when water pressure is 1.0bar)


Ridged crops , vegetables
Watering flowers and perennial crops
Surface and underground drip irrigation


• The newly developed “Turbo Next” structure labyrinth is adopted for the dripper.
A wider flow path creates stronger turbulence and prevents clogging.
・ The large area filter does not require frequent flushing and can be used for a long time.・ Because the water inlet of the dripper is located near the center of the tube, it is difficult to suck in dust.
• Precision dripper made by injection molding ensures uniform irrigation.
- Since the water pressure multiplier is as low as 0.45, the discharge rate is highly uniform, and there is no uneven growth in the drinking direction.
・ Since two clear orange stripes are printed on the drip hole side, it is easy to lay the drip hole in the correct direction (upward).


Newly developed "Turbo Next" structure labyrinth adopted
・ High-precision injection-molded dripper with thermal bonding ・ Tube with inner diameter 16.2mm and wall thickness 0.25mm
・Resistant to UV rays and chemicals such as liquid fertilizer
Manufacturing management in accordance with ISO9261
Recommended filter is 120 mesh *However, please select the filter based on the water quality.
If it contains more than 2ppm of sand, we recommend using a hydrocyclone filter.

technical data
Applicable maximum water pressure bar 1.4
Discharge rate L/H/hole 1.6
Flow cross section (mm) Width: 0.66, Depth: 0.63, Total Length: 18
Filter area (mm2) twenty four

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