100% pickled Shodoshima olives

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Breed: ミッション
実の量: 500g(業務用)
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Fresh hand-picked olives from Shodoshima are simply lightly pickled! The saltiness is mellow, so you can enjoy it as it is.

The popular [Manzanillo] and [Mission] olives, and the olives pickled immediately after harvesting in autumn, are rare items that can only be tasted now. Large grape-like manzanillos are soft, and the flavor of olives and saltiness spreads throughout your mouth. It's delicious to eat and it's delicious to cook with rice.

Mission, which is commonly grown on Shodoshima, was the first variety to be planted on Shodoshima. This variety, which has a high oil content and is often processed into olive oil, is characterized by its firm flesh and crisp, refreshing texture. The mellow olive flavor remains even after eating, making it the perfect accompaniment to alcoholic beverages.

It is recommended to eat it as it is, but it goes well with dishes such as salad and ajillo. Please enjoy the luxurious taste that you can only reach for one more grain.

*The salty taste is not strong, so it is easy to eat.

* Store in the refrigerator regardless of whether it is opened or unopened. Also, after opening, please enjoy as soon as possible regardless of the expiration date.

*Seeds are not removed. Please be careful when eating.

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