Le Toy Van Sensory Shapes

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A long-established manufacturer of wooden toys, British Retoiban.

Using sustainable wood, each piece is carefully painted by craftsmen. It's not a print, it's painted directly onto the wood, so the soft colors last a long time.

Warm wooden toys carefully painted with sustainable and sustainable wood and paint that is safe for children to put in their mouths.

Playing with your fingertips is very effective for your child's brain development. Each part of Letovan's Sensory Shapes is a variety of toys. The kaleidoscope that looks glittery, the one with a mirror, and the one with beads in it make a fun shaki shaki sound when you shake it! Stimulate your baby with plenty of tricks.

[Food tested]

Size 21cm×21cm×5.5cm

[Precautions when purchasing]
*Please note that there are some baldness and scratches because the wood is directly painted.

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