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Product name PIKO Pico, a hard worker who is full of cuteness
brand ETEPICO pico
name PICO pico
specification 17.5×29×16cm
Material: MDF/Glass tile/Eco-urethane coating Finished product will be ready for work, so you can attach the antenna and go to work.
Because it is handmade one by one, it cannot be mass-produced.
[Manufacturing by hand over time]
[It is often said that they have never seen a pen stand with a face or a smartphone stand] [In the office! at home! Robot-type desktop storage PICO | Ete Shizuoka base]

A popular robot design storage for pen holders and smartphone stands made by Japanese craftsmen. In addition to the cuteness that makes you laugh, it is also very practical! As a unique product, it is often used as a gift.

●Manufacturing by hand over time

The secret to its popularity is its high mobility that can be used in a variety of situations, and the best price achieved despite being made in Japan! <br>
The size is smaller than the robot, and it can fit in the stomach of the robot (lol)

However, the storage capacity is excellent.

When you pull up the face, the main storage where you can remove the partition appears, and the legs are equipped with drawers!

The highly practical PICO can be used for various tasks due to its cute appearance!

Use as a pen stand or accessory case on your living room table or desk!

In the child's room, as a toy holder! (PICO is not playground equipment or toys)

There are also model-type models who can be put on a counter or serve as a signboard girl for a shop♪

Whether it's at home, in the office, or in any other place, it's convenient... Tissues!
Turn your back...

A pocket tissue can be attached like a jet engine!
This back bag has a slit so that you can put a card in it.
We are responding to the voices of people saying, "It's boring to be normal! I like unusual pen holders and unusual furniture!" (laughs)
Of course, like the robots, we will be dispatched with finished products!
Right out of the box and ready to go.

PICO has the elements of made in Japan, handmade, commitment, practicality, and cuteness.
People who are looking for something different from others will choose it for gifts such as presents.

The number that can be made at one time is small, and it is also a rare furniture that is not sold at mass retailers, so it can be used as a gift for a wide range of occasions, such as housewarming, opening celebration, wedding, baby shower, new school entrance celebration, birthday gift, etc. (^^)
He is a very good child, so please feel free to leave PICO to be an ambassador for the celebration!
please note ★Unlike general industrial products such as plastic, handmade wooden furniture has differences in color, gaps between parts, and steps when the wood is shaved. These are the characteristics of materials and manufacturing methods, and are also the “taste” of handmade products. Not everything is uniform, so please be aware of this before issuing a dispatch order.
★PICO is sold only at Shizuoka base and limited dealers. Please be careful of fraudulent sites that advertise large discounts to rush purchases, or offer limited colors or different colors.
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