Prolingold 5-3-2 High Purity/Concentrated Amino Acid 20kg Liquid Fertilizer for Hydroponics (1 Pack)

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Inorganic nitrogen alone is insufficient for carbohydrates (carbon) necessary for nitrogen metabolism during low temperature periods when photosynthesis is low and when light is low.
If an organic nitrogen source (amino acid) with both carbon and nitrogen that are easily absorbed and used when photosynthesis is suppressed is given, the amount of photosynthetic products sent to the roots will decrease and the photosynthetic products will be efficiently used for growth. It is said that (Mori et al. 1979, 1985)

Aim for 5kg/10a per time
Dilute 300-500 times and irrigate the soil every 10 days

Please use our sister product Sunpro No. 1 for the foliage spray material containing amino acids.

High percentage of nitrogen derived from gelatin hydrolyzate (amino acid) (compared to proline G)
60% of nitrogen comes from gelatin hydrolyzate

Proline Gold Ingredients Table

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