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Rectangular pool perfect for toddlers from Intex.

The bottom is fluffy and the structure makes it difficult for your feet to hurt.

Product name Rectangular Pool
name rectangular pool
size About 166 x 100 x 25cm
Material Made of vinyl (thickness 0.3mm)
Note 10 days after delivery, only initial defects will be handled. note that.
*Please use under parental supervision.
* Before installation, be sure to clean the installation location so that there are no pebbles, etc., and spread a vinyl sheet or the like before installation.

World's top-class safe and secure Intex products.

Just the right size to use on the balcony or in the garden! With a cushioned bottom, it is safe for small children.

* Please do not let children play alone, but always under the supervision of a supervisor.

Constructed with durable 0.3mm thick vinyl Cushioned bottom

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