Sunpro 4-4-3 Foliar spray material containing amino acids

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Green ambulance! sunpro

Amino acid solution with hydrolyzed gelatin for quick nutritional supplementation

[50% of nitrogen content is derived from gelatin hydrolyzate]

・Little sunshine, low temperature, high temperature, fatigue, reduction in growth due to pests ・List mark Once a week ・Spray foliage at 400 to 500 times

In principle, spraying during flowering is prohibited (Since the liquid is acidic, spots may appear on the petals.)
Cannot be mixed with alkaline pesticides Some pesticides may promote phytotoxicity

Guaranteed ingredients (%) Total Nitrogen 4.0 (Ammonia Nitrogen 1.0 / Nitrate Nitrogen 1.0)
Water-soluble phosphoric acid 4.0
Water-soluble potassium 3.0

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