Sodastream Genesis V2 V3 Carbonated Water Maker

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sodastream GENESIS V2
name Sodastream Genesis V2 1L
size Soda maker main body: width 13.5 x height 42 x depth 23.5 cm
weight 1000g
set content Soda maker body Dedicated gas cylinder Dedicated bottle (with cap) 1L
Instruction Manual User License
Gas cylinder details Soda maker body Gas cylinder Contents: Gas cylinder (high pressure liquefied carbon dioxide) x 1
Gas cylinder size (mm): W6 x H36
Gas cylinder capacity: about 60 liters

Safety notice

●Be sure to read the instruction manual.
・If carbon dioxide leaks, there is a danger of poisoning, so please ventilate immediately.
・Do not place in a warm place near a heat source.
・Be sure to use it on a flat surface.
・When used by children, be sure to use it under the supervision of an adult.
Regarding delivery
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Carbonated water maker "Soda Stream" that can easily make carbonated water at home is eco-friendly and very economical! You don't need to buy stock, and you can reduce waste such as plastic bottles and cans. And you can make 500ml of carbonated water for only 18 yen.

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