Netafim 3x5mm SSPE Tube 100m Roll Irrigation Pipe Drip Irrigation Dripper

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Netafim Manufacturer Part Number: 40000-002050

Irrigation pipe for drip, tube inner diameter: 3 mm
Outer diameter: 5mm

Please contact us if you need other sizes.

<Precautions when connecting a connector to a PE pipe>

1. Untwist the PE pipe and stretch it out for 2-3 days.
2. Punch a hole in the PE pipe overhead with a 3 mm punch after installing it overhead.
(If a hole is drilled, burrs will remain inside the hole, which may cause water leakage.)
3. After construction, run water through the line once before blocking it with the line end, and discharge the garbage inside the construction.
4. If you cut the PE pipe, please remove the burr cleanly.
5. Connect the PE pipe fitting so that it touches the O-ring inside.
6. If possible, fix the PE pipes at equal intervals with Insulok, etc., to prevent sagging.
7. If you fail to drill (3mm), please force the 7mm side of the 3*7mm plug.
8.Use sealing tape to connect the joint.

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