Sunhope Sprinkler Sinker Automatic Watering Timer DC1SG

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caliber: 20mm
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Manufacturer: Sunhope

Manufacturer part number: DC1SG

20mm diameter type: DC1SG-20
25mm diameter type: DC1SG-25
40mm diameter type: DC1SG-40
50mm diameter type: DC1SG-50

A timer that can automatically control irrigation.
Detailed settings are possible

(Sprinkling interval) 1 minute to 30 days / time frame can be set,
(Sprinkling time) 1 second to 12 hours with sensor input cable
AC power
2 x 9V alkaline batteries (sold separately) 
Connection diameter
3/4" female (20mm)
1" female (25mm)
1 1/2" female ( 40mm)
2" female (50mm)

Appropriate working pressure
0.1 to 0.8MPa

With manual watering / watering interruption function

with sensor input cable

* Beware of rain/drops, no submersion (DC1SG-20, 25, 40, 50, DC7E), rain/drops, no submersion (DC9E)
*9V alkaline batteries are sold separately.

*If it is not in stock, it will be ordered from the manufacturer and it may take some time.

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