Pool vinyl pool 10 minutes installation! Large INTEX Intex Easy Set Pool Round Water Play Leisure Pool Children's Pool Home Pool Veranda Frame Pool [183cm x 51cm]

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Intex Group is dedicated to developing high-quality products, and is a company of inflatable products that holds the majority of the global market share, consisting of more than 100 local companies. We are made up of qualified engineers, and we are always at the top of the industry through strict quality control. We are constantly developing durable inflatable products such as flotation devices, pools, airbeds, sofas, jet baths, boats, and toys using our unique technology.

INTEX Easy Set Pool
Product name

Intex easy set pool

name family pool
size 183×51cm
Capacity up to 8th minute about 878 liters
weight 2690g
Period of use From about 6 years old Small children should always play under the supervision of parents.
category Category Top > Toys/Picture Books > Pool Equipment > Pool Children (Vinyl Pool/Float Equipment/Pool Equipment)

Only the upper edge is inflated with air, so it is a round pool that is easy to assemble. If the children's pool becomes too small, we recommend the easy set pool.

In the unlikely event that there is an initial defect, we will exchange it for a new product.

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