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Fornazaric Winery is a historic winery with a commitment to harvesting all grapes by hand-picking.

Chardonnay 2013
Silver Medal at AWC "Austria-Vienna International Wine Competition 2018"

Manufacturing process:
The grapes are hand-picked, de-stemmed and macerated with the skins for two days.
It is then fermented and aged in large oak barrels for one year and then aged in stainless steel tanks for another year. It is then bottled unfiltered and aged in the bottle for 3 years. A very elaborate wine.

Fermented and aged in barrels for 2 years. The golden color is more buttery, and the fruity, intense aroma of ripe peaches and freshly picked apples.
The mouthfeel is mellow and dry with fresh fruit aromas and a refreshing minerality.
The aftertaste is refreshing and lingering. A very popular and highly rated Chardonnay white wine.

About the 2016 vintage
In addition, the 2016 vintage has more contact between the skin and seeds than ever before, so the color of the wine is orange.
While it has the refreshing feeling of white wine, it is an orange wine with astringency and a complex taste.

Recommended dishes
White meat such as chicken, fish and pork. shrimp and shellfish.

Comment from the wine-loving store manager (*This is a comment from a beginner. Lol):
When you take the first sip, it doesn't have a particularly surprising impact, but it has a solid body (taste).
It's not too strong, but it's not persistent, and it has a umami and mineral feel, so you can drink it all the time with food. If it's too strong or too light, you'll get tired of it, but this Chardonnay has a taste that you can really drink while enjoying it.
There is also a scent that goes through the nose when it passes through the throat. Is it because it has been aged for 5 years?
Fornazarik's winery is naturally oriented, and it's nice that they use less antioxidants as additives.
In a nutshell, it's a very good and recommended wine. I feel like I'm going back to this wine after drinking a lot. smile

Product name Fornazaric Chardonnay
name Forzanaric Chardonnay 2016
Internal capacity 750ml
Alcohol degree 14%
grape variety 100% Chardonnay
type white dry
raw materials Grape /Antioxidant (sulfite)

SloveniaKakovostno Vino ZGP
Certified as ( superlative wine produced in a controlled and guaranteed place of origin ).

Country of origin Slovenia
Note ・After opening, store in a refrigerator and drink as soon as possible.
・We do not ship refrigerated flights.
・ Defective correspondence is accepted only for 10 days from the delivery date.
・Do not drink alcohol until you are 20 years old

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