INTEX Prism Premium Frame Pool 3m Value Set (Ladder Seat Cover Circulation Filter Pump] Rectangular

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Product name INTEX Prism Frame Premium Pool
name Prism Frame Premium Pool Set
size Pool about 3m x 1.75m x 80cm
capacity 3539L (when filled up to 90%)

6 years old ~

accessories The pool body, ladder, filter pump (part number: 28637J), filter, and solar cover (bubble wrap cover) are included.
Note *Because it is a vinyl pool, be sure to pull the vinyl sheet before using it. There is a risk of tearing if you pull a stone or the like underneath.

10 days after delivery, only initial defects will be handled. note that.
※Please use it under the supervision of the protector by all means.
3M durable frame pool

World's top-class safe and secure Intex products!
The Prism Frame Premium Pool is a vinyl pool that is closer to a conventional pool and aims to be the highest quality vinyl pool.

* Please do not let children play alone, but always under the supervision of a supervisor.

・Luxurious set of pool, ladder, circulation pump and cover ・Constructed with durable 3-layer vinyl

With a history of more than 40 years, we are one of the world's leading inflatable manufacturers that manufactures everything from raw materials to shipping in our own factory.

[Outer wall sheet is super tough] Although it is made of vinyl material, it has a super tough 3-layer structure of the highest class.
With our unique technology, we have created a super-tough fabric (3-layer structure including mesh) that is extremely tear-resistant. As a pioneer of large pools, the Intex brand boasts world-class quality.

[Easy assembly design]
A rectangular frame pool that can be easily assembled without being inflated with air, as shown in the photo. The frame also eliminates unnecessary parts, and the frames can be connected with one touch.

[I sought stylishness]
As much as possible, the frame is hidden, the joints are covered, and the frame is oval to make it more stylish.

It is a rectangular frame pool that can be easily assembled as shown in the picture without inflating with air.
It is large enough for the whole family to enjoy together♪

[I also set a cover]
It's a perfect vinyl cover for bubble wrap, but this bubble wrap is amazing. It protects against sudden temperature changes. Also, if you have a cover, you can prevent dirt, rain, insects, etc. from entering and prevent water stains. In the unlikely event that there is an initial defect, we will exchange it for a new product.

●Be careful not to touch sharp objects such as rock corners, stakes, gravel, shells, glass pieces, metal pieces, wood pieces, etc.
●Keep away from cigarettes and fire.
●Children must be supervised by their parents when playing.

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