Funami Seimenjo hand-rolled semi-raw somen 250g x 5 bags

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The store manager is highly recommended! Somen

Half-raw somen noodles have a chewy texture that is a little different from dried noodles.
Perfect for your home dining table, or as a gift.
Even half-raw noodles are manufactured using a unique method so that they can be kept for a long time.

・Usually half-boiled raw to make semi-raw somen,
To prevent unevenness, we dry everything once, steam it carefully in the boiling room, and then pack it.
Half-life somen that took time and effort. Please give it a try♪

<How to boil well>
Cut half-life somen into about 3 equal parts before boiling.
Boiling time: about 5 minutes Murashi time: about 1-3 minutes

<Product information>
○Product name: Shodoshima hand-rolled semi-raw somen ○Raw materials: Wheat flour (manufactured in Japan), salt, edible vegetable oil ○Contents: 250g
○ Expiration date Approximately 6 months from the date of manufacture ○ Storage method Avoid direct sunlight and store at a temperature of 25 ° C or less ○ Manufacturer Funami Noodles Co., Ltd.

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